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ACR has teamed up with Gable Asset Finance and can fully recommend their services and competitive rates.

Finance Made Simple

ACR has teamed up with Gable Asset Finance and recommends their services because they are competitive, extremely efficient, great to work with and always available.


  • Dedicated Account Managers.
    You will be allocated your own personal Account
    Manager when you contact Gable Asset Finance.
  • Rates from 3%
  • Industry leading acceptance rates.
  • Deffered initial payments available.
  • Finance available over periods as long as 10 years.


  • Same day decisions.
  • Highly efficient administrative processes.
    Gable representatives witness finance paperwork
    being signed in person to eliminate document error.
  • Seasonal / tailored payment plans.
    Seasonal businesses can make reduced payments in quieter months.

About Gable Asset Finance

Gable Asset Finance was established in 2007 providing finance to both established and start-up businesses all over the UK. It is a privately owned business providing in excess of £50 million of equipment and vehicle finance per annum.

Throughout its history, Gable has developed strong operational relationships with equipment suppliers, enhancing the service they in turn deliver to their customers.

“Gable Assett Finance are extremely easy to deal with have great understanding and empathy helping our clients make financial decisions when making capital purchases.” – Albert Burnett

The Benifits of Leasing

There are many benefits to leasing, a number of which are listed below.


Same day decisions on applications, as leasing is much quicker to approve than a bank loan.


Industry leading business finance rates from 3%, with fixed monthly payments.


Payments are 100% tax deductible making leasing the most efficient way of acquiring new equipment.


Preserve working capital.


Easy to budget, as unlike an overdraft facility, a lease agreement cannot be withdrawn once active.


Simple and easy to understand documentation.

Gable Asset Finance is a major provider of lease finance to UK businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any questions not covered below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Why use asset finance?

Finance payments are 100% tax-deductible. Asset finance is the most tax-efficient way of acquiring new equipment.

I thought finance was just for people who can’t afford to buy?

On the contrary, asset finance is designed for profitable businesses to reduce tax liabilities.

What is the minimum and maximum amounts I can borrow?

The minimum is £1,000 + VAT. There is no maximum. Gable’s maximum lend will depend on customer credit status.

Over how many years is finance available?

Any period between 1 – 10 years.

What can be financed?

Any vehicle or equipment for business use including fixtures and fittings, software and lighting.

In what countries do you provide finance?

The whole of the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland.

What is your credit criteria?

Gable can assist both new start and established businesses.

Will I have to put down a deposit?

No. Gable can arrange finance with no deposit.

Can I include delivery and installation costs in my finance?


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