AR-22 – Prover


SALVA has been providing solutions for bakers and cake makers since 1943. Controlling the cold is the art of the baker. Proper control means you can offer your customers a larger range of recently baked products around the clock, as the current market demands. Freezing technology differs completely from baking technology, which is why SALVA created the SALVA freezing division some years ago. This division specialises in the design and manufacture of units to control moisture and temperature curves, guaranteeing a fresh, aromatic, mouth-watering product.

  • Air distribution
  • Control panel
  • Easy assembly system
  • Cooling unit
  • Independent Isothermal steam generator

From £2,299 – Enquire below for more information

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The solution to direct fermentation processes is just a connection point away. The AR-22 is designed as an easy installation product. Essential in any hot spot. The generation of steam and dry heat is controlled independently. Its power provides optimum steam conditions and temperatures in an instant.

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